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Healing Our Soils through Regenerative Land Practices
Learn about the Soil Food Web




Living Soils Laboratories is dedicated to the regeneration of soil ecology and overall ecological health in the challenging environments of the Intermountain West and beyond.

We specialize in soil biology microscopy and we strive to produce the most biologically complete compost, extracts, and teas to restore soils. Through these methods you can make your soils more drought resilient, fertile, less susceptible to erosion. We believe that healthy soil is the foundation to human health, and the overall health of civilization.

For the last 25 years we have been practicing regenerative agriculture on large landscape restoration through the soil food web and the reintroduction of grazing animals managed in the right way. We help land owners, land managers, and government agencies learn the pulses of nature and how to move grazing animals to mimic ancient herds that were under pressure from predators. This can help the productivity and overall quality of life of a livestock operation. 

Our goal is to educate anyone who has a vested interest in soil health and the ecology around us and provide services for long term ecosystem health.

Our Methodology

Living Soils Laboratories LLC 's laboratory technicians are certified by Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web School and uses shadow microscopy to identify a number of factors that determine overall ecological function in soil. Through a biological soil analysis we can determine the overall function of the mineral/nutrient cycle. The soil organisms present in a sample will determine whether the soil's water holding capacity, the presence of(or lack thereof) of oxygen. The types of organisms present in the soil often determine the ability of plants to resist disease and be productive. Depending on your needs and goals we can help you custom tailor biologically complete compost or inoculums to help your plants or animals be as healthy and productive as possible without the use of toxic and expensive chemicals. This can  be done on any scale from individual gardens and lawns all the way to large farms and ranches. We believe putting humans back in touch with the soil can help our society restore itself and the environment simultaneously.

Hands in the Soil

Soil Ecology Baseline Analysis

The first step to know what is happening in your soil. This analysis determines presence or absence of soil life and functionality of the entire microbiome in the sample whether it be soil, compost, or another agricultural product.



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Our Clients

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