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The Soil Regeneration Program

The Living Soils Laboratories Soil Regeneration Program empowers landholders, agricultural producers, government entities, and anyone with a stake in soil health to take action to improve their soil’s health.

By enrolling in the Soil Regeneration Program you will receive multiple Soil Ecology Analysis and assistance learning what soil stewardship is all about. The goals of each individual vary and we will custom tailor a program that works for you.

You may want to reduce chemical inputs and increase their yields simultaneously, or you may want to get away completely from herbicides and pesticides completely for the health of your community. Or you may want to restore a watershed, stop erosion, and be more water efficient. We can assist you with any ecosystem service that you need that involves land restoration.

Reestablishing your soil is a long term commitment. It can take up 5-7 years, sometimes shorter, for the soil to get back to health depending on management and practices used. A long term plan is needed to ensure that any detrimental practices are used for the long term health of your landscape.

Stage 1
Evaluation and Planning
  • Includes up to 6 Soil Ecology Baseline Analysis to understand your entire environment of the land you steward ($450 Value)

  • Pre-evaluation planning to understand your unique context ($300 Value)

  • Site Evaluation and Holistic Land Planning for your crops or livestock and overall. Ecological observation and monitoring and baseline assessments made. (Soil Compaction measurement, Water infiltration, Brix Measurement, Mapping Services ($800 Value)

  • Summary Report of soil ecology functionality and overall ecosystem function and a plan of action ($500 Value)

Price $1250

Stage 2
Continuing Education and Consultation Multiyear Projects
  • Your feeling supported and empowered is our commitment to you. You will have access to us for any questions or concerns at any time.

  • For any additional site visits are needed we bill at $75/hour.

  • You will receive detailed education on how to naturally achieve regenerative soil fertility. We are committed to you having a deep understanding of the soil ecology and how it will benefit you once it is reestablished.

  Price $1,000-$5,000

Stage 3
Longer Term Projects
(3-5 years)
  • For larger operations more time and detailed planning may be needed for the entire transition into regenerative agriculture to take place.

  • This would be needed for training of multiple employees who help you manage your soils.

  • Billed at $75/hour

   Price $5,000-10,000

*Travel expenses are charged at $.56 a mile at for >50 miles from Kamas, UT.

Travel time cost=$30/hr

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