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Analysis & Pricing

Living Soils Laboratory uses shadow microscopy to examine what
organisms are present in your soil. Plant and animal health is directly correlated to whether a soil ecosystem is intact or not. Through our analysis you will be able know what stage of health your soil is in and how to regenerate your soil.

Soil Ecology Baseline Analysis

Knowing the biomass and biological diversity of your soil, compost, or any agricultural will determine the productivity, water holding capacity, and resiliency of your land. This is the first step to getting to know your soil.

Please review Sample Collection Protocol before sending sample.
Price: $75

Data You Will Receive

Soil Ecology Baseline Analysis: 
This qualitative analysis will determine the presence/absence and balance of the entire microbiome of the soil/compost/product in question.

This analysis provides the following data:

  • Fungi ug/g

  • Bacteria ug/g

  • Actinobacteria ug/g

  • Fungal to Bacterial Ratio (F:B Ratio)


  • Total Protozoa Present #/gram

  • Flagellate #/gram

  • Amoebae #/gram


  • Bacterial-Feeding Nematodes #/gram

  • Fungal-Feeding Nematodes #/gram

  • Predatory Nematodes #/gram

  • Microarthropods will be noted in additional comments.

      Detrimental Organisms 

  • Disease Causing Fungi

  • Oomycetes ug/g

  • Facultative Protozoa

  • Ciliates #/gram

  • Nematodes

  • Root Feeding Nematodes #/gram

  • Presence of pathogenic anaerobic bacteria

  • Additional comments and observations


The analysis you will receive will have supplemental information depending on desired species of plants and recommended ranges of organisms needed for your desired plant species.

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