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Services & Products

Living Soils Laboratories offers a variety of services and products oriented towards Regenerative Agricultural and Ecosystem Services. From large scale crop production and livestock operations all the way to wanting healthy soil for your garden we provide assistance and products to assist you in your journey into regenerative agriculture.

BioComplete Compost

This customized compost is constantly monitored by our laboratory for a complete soil ecosystem. That includes proper ratios of fungi and bacteria, amounts of protozoa, nematodes, and micro arthropods.

Soil Testing-min.jpg
Soil Ecology Baseline Analysis

The first step to regenerating your soil is knowing what you are working with. We use shadow microscopy to identify the full spectrum of your soil's microbiome.

Soil Regeneration Program

Transition the land you steward into a place of healthy soils, plants, animals, and people. We use a combination of Holistic Management and the reintroduction of the Soil Food Web to assist you in transforming the places you love.


Biochar is repurposed waste from the timber industry that greatly benefits healthy soil practices. Wood waste materials is pyrolyzed (heated at high temperatures without the presence of much oxygen.) and then biology introduced with our BioComplete Compost. The char acts as a high rise for different kinds of organisms to live and reproduce in. It also assists
greatly with water filtration and water retention.

Wild Life impact study-min.jpg
Wildlife Impact Study & Land Management Plans

Receive a detailed report on how your project will impact wildlife and natural resources. This is important to governmental organizations in the development processes. Also, if you need an open space management plan and need assistance. Look no further! Includes site visit(s) and detailed report and mapping services.

Price $750

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